Colorado Kids for Kids

Colorado Kids for Kids is a Kid Run Non-Profit

Our mission is to help sick, disabled, underprivileged and homeless children by supporting their needs, raising awareness and volunteering.


Are you a kid looking to help out your community or a group in need? 


We are a kid run non-profit that helps kids in Colorado. We host a few events throughout the year to give back to our community! Join us!


Are you a parent looking to teach your child about community service? 


This is the group for you!. Check out our 4 Parents page to find ways your child can give back. 

Are you a school or organization that serves kids in need? 

Let us know what you need and we'll see if we can help! School supplies, coat drives, shoe drives, etc... The possibilities are endless because we are here to help YOU!

Praise for Colorado Kids for Kids