CK4K History by the Founder Cailey Karshmer

When I was six years old, my aunt told me about a local homeless shelter where her friend worked. She thought that it would be nice to give my birthday presents to the children that live there. I was eager to do so. After my party, I went to the shelter to donate my gifts. As part of my visit, I received a tour of the shelter. It made a huge impact on me and I immediately decided to donate my presents every year. 

When I turned eight, I decided that I would like to do even more to help. The shelter was having its annual holiday party and I was invited to attend. In addition, I donated my own money to help buy shoes and socks as well as toys and other gifts. During the party I noticed a young girl and gave her a doll. She carried the doll around with her everywhere she went – even though it was as big as she was. She wouldn’t let go. Since then, I have heard many stories of the children’s overwhelming excitement and joy at receiving my donations. All I can think of is how happy those kids feel.

When I turned ten, I no longer had birthday parties. However, I still wanted to do something for the children at the shelter. I continued to donate money and instead of gifts from my family on my birthday, I asked for money to help buy new school supplies for the kids. I still wanted to do more, so I sat down and talked with my parents. After learning about non-profits I asked if I could set one up to benefit children in need. 

With the help of many people Colorado Kids for Kids (CK4K) began. 

CK4K’s mission is to help sick, disabled, homeless and underprivileged kids by volunteering, raising awareness and supporting their needs.